(Whose?) Data and the trust divide

Time has moved on. Discussion pieces like this are no longer about connected living becoming a “thing” at some point in the future, it’s a reality now. Even in the last 12 months the ability to avoid being “always connected” to some branch of the internet has become much more difficult. Whether it’s through fitness … Read more

Failure generates success

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have the time to attend the StartUp Grind 2018 Global Conference, sponsored by Google (and other big names), in San Francisco. It was a congregation of a few thousand delegates made-up of tech business-starters and entrepreneurs alongside a collection of well-known tech founders and pioneers … Read more

“This is for everyone”

The famous phrase that has its roots in the “invention” of the internet in 1991. It was also famously tweeted by the internet’s “creator” Tim Berners-Lee at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012. But what does that have to do with insurance? Money flowing in Insurance, possibly not a huge amount. However, … Read more

The invention of grudgetech – part 2 of 2

In part 1, I looked at how most of the current wave of insurtech compares with “convenience tech” like Alexa, Uber and Nest. Is it possible to turn what is a grudge interaction like insurance into something usable and accepted by the mass consumer through an insurtech app or service? I then went on to … Read more

The invention of grudgetech – part 1 of 2

“Anna’s” work and home life is made so much easier by the tech she uses, according to an article I read here yesterday. If only there were space for a smattering of insurtech … (Too) trusting of tech? I imagine that most of us recognise elements of that fictional day in our own real daily … Read more

Parallel battles – but who will win?

Think of an electric car, you think of Tesla. Right now though, the world’s motor industry’s opinion of Tesla is divided in the extreme. There are those who see Tesla as the great new upstart that will take on and vanquish the fat, lazy, combustion engine-led incumbent manufacturers. In the other corner there are those … Read more

(Same old) Breaking news: Connected homes utopia – no thanks, not for now…

(Written by someone who is a certified nerd, the earliest of early adopters and married for 17 years to a long-suffering tech widow…) Another week passes and yet another article on insurers pinning their hopes on the Internet of Things (IoT) making a worthwhile contribution to loss ratios and the bottom line in an article … Read more

The thorny issue of business valuation

Against a shifting regulatory landscape, increased cost of doing business and dwindling customer loyalty, it may be that you are considering selling all or part of your business. It may be a decision you’ve reached recently as a result of something beyond your control turning against you, or one that you have planned for a … Read more

What’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander …

You’ll find us talking on here about insurtech and digitalisation, and there’s no doubt that the leaders of the pack will have been heavily investing in both over the past few years. However, you’ll also see us constantly focusing on the underlying principles behind both as a practical, reasonable, scalable and therefore affordable way for … Read more

Nudge theory and insurtech – happy bedfellows?

Richard Thaler’s Nobel Prize-winning “Nudge Theory” is finding its way into tech and, specifically, insurtech. His contention is that positive reinforcement and indirect suggestion can affect the way humans think and behave, and therefore the outcomes of that behaviour. Insurtech is defined as being the use of technology and innovation to help drive savings and … Read more