Deciding to make change is possibly hard enough, but implementing that change can seem like a challenge that will damage your business or its reputation, at least in the short-term. Many clients have seen that as a reason not to make the vital changes that are required and stuck with the status quo.

It is true, any change can be disruptive to customers, but often that disruption can be minimised by bringing-in the change in phases that are both manageable to the business, and cause least impact to your customers.

The software and hardware, non-human interfaces are important, but they aren’t the only pieces of the jigsaw requiring care and attention. Your staff will need to be included in any proposed change to make sure they’re engaged, supportive and are part of delivering the solution. Sudden or unexplained change, no matter how well-intended, can very easily result in confused and disenfranchised colleagues that become resistant to change if not they’re carried through the process appropriately.

Suppliers, and particularly supplier contracts and agreements should be reviewed too. Just because you’ve traded in a certain way with a particular supplier for a number of years doesn’t mean that the same contract wording is as relevant now as it was when you first signed. All sorts of aspects could and likely will have changed since you signed a long-standing agreement, and we would work with you to examine where you might be losing out as a result.

How has your relationship with your customers and clients evolved? Do you charge for services you actually no longer perform and potentially put customers off from buying from you? Or, conversely, do you perform services now that you used not to and are not being correctly remunerated for? Service expectations have changed considerably even in the last 3 years, and you might find that what you think represents good service is no longer relevant in the eyes of today’s customers.

Delivery of change covers many facets of day-to-day and strategic business life, and having delivered both tactical and strategic change many times in smaller and growing businesses before, we can help you to decide and prioritise delivery of the right change to help drive your company in the direction you want.