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What I can do for you

You will know all too well for yourself what running a small business means – it demands that you are as good at setting the company’s strategic direction as it does making a cup of tea or washing the plates and mugs in the kitchen.

While I don’t suggest that you bring me in to help with the latter, these are the kinds of things I have helped clients with over the last few years:

  • Being a good listener and acting as a sounding-board, counsel and adviser to MDs, CEOs and owner managers
  • Re-setting of business or growth strategies
  • Helping start-ups to plan and structure to support growth and change
  • “Troubleshooting” long-standing (and new) issues
  • Planning and communicating change
  • Assisting management teams in board meetings
  • Product suitability reviews
  • Data “discovery” and insight
  • Reviews of commercial arrangements
  • Assisting with M&A strategy (sale and buy side)

Although I can summarise some of the things I have helped with in a few bullet-points, every business I have worked with has had different needs and different challenges.

The key to delivering success in what I do for you is that, in coming from a small business background, I can instinctively recognise where your circumstances might benefit from the techniques I have used elsewhere, or whether we need to find a new, innovative solution to help move your business forward.

You decide how I can best work with you – whether it’s more of an arms-length, infrequent service you are looking for, or one that is more deeply integrated into your business, I can support a variety of approaches that best suits you.