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Working Together

I know what it takes to run a successful small business, and wasting time with consultants serving-up boilerplate reports and conclusions was never on my wish-list.

From our very first “discovery” meeting, I will be able to come back to you with an immediate idea of what needs to be tackled, the likely timescales it will take, how many days of my time it needs and, therefore, how much it is likely to cost.

That initial feedback will then be accompanied by a written summary report that outlines my understanding of what your business needs based on our meeting, and the steps I recommend taking.

Candour and being able to talk openly and directly with you are absolutely critical – it gets us to the point of action and change as quickly and efficiently as possible. I don’t want to waste your time and money on something just because it has worked elsewhere, or because “that’s my standard approach”.

My standard approach is to listen to you, take on board what you are saying and think creatively to come up with a menu of actions and suggestions with likely outcomes, so that we together can choose the best path forward as quickly as possible.

The best outcomes rely on open dialogue

Even businesses in the same or similar sector face very different challenges. There may be themes that are common amongst some, many or most. However, differences in products, services, distribution, investment, operational structure, management, outlook and strategy all contribute to the individual identity of a business, its DNA if you like, and therefore how it might choose to proceed.

That means that not all businesses will need or want to accommodate change to the same extent or at the same pace. Some DNA will lend itself much more readily to change, some will be much more resistant or will need significant alterations even to take the first step.

At every stage I will be absolutely open and honest with you, having worked with you to understand where you are and where you want to get to. I will shine a light on any gaps, or gulfs, that might exist between the reality of where you are and what it would take to get to where you envisage your business going.

Sometimes you will not agree with my thoughts and recommendations, and that’s fine. Throughout the process, however, I will discuss my reasoning and thoughts openly with you so that you can decide with the benefit of all the facts what you want to do with your business.

Why should you put your trust in me?

Mine is a small business in what is, in reality, a small market in terms of building or destroying reputations.

I come to you knowing what it is like to be a start-up or small/SME business in a competitive market that undergoes constant, and quite extensive change. However, unless that prior credibility is reinforced by positive word-of-mouth from my future clients, my reputation will falter, and along with it, my business.

I will work with you shoulder-to-shoulder, business-owner to business-owner, familiar with the tasks and struggles that you have to deal with every day. That means I also recognise that time is of the essence for any business owner, and that decisions have to be made.

If you’re looking for a traditional consultancy service that trades on platitudes and templated reports that pull as many punches as they land, then Arun Bay is not for you.

However, if you’re serious about engaging a business-focused service that has first-hand experience of starting and running a business and that will speak directly, openly and sometimes bluntly with you in order to help you achieve the best possible outcome, then please talk to me.